Welcome to the Studio

 Blue Mountain Stable is a studio for custom model horses (manely 1:32 scale stablemates), tack and props. This is the blog compliment to my Facebook page, and here you will find more indepth glimpses into my process, projects on the work bench, and tutorials, whereas the Facebook page is mostly photo albums and some sneak peeks.
This is not the only blog I manage (there is also Micro Modern Decor, for 1:48 scale modern interior design, and my professional graphic design blog, Tapirgraphics), so I will be dipping my toes into this blog with about two articles a month. As things progress, I hope to up the article count.

In the meantime, I'll start you off with a visual tour of my studio.  Up next is an article taking you behind the scenes of my drastic custom jumper (created from the Breyer G3 jumping stablemate).

The Studio Space

Having just moved, the studio is optimistically clean and the moodboard a little blank!

Works in Progress

An assortment of resins, drastic customs and semi drastic customs.  Some sales horses, some are definate keepers, a few are undecided.

This boy started out as the Breyer G4 Andalusian and is now an Arabian with a new neck, reworked head, new mane, new tail and reshaped body.

Unlike most the projects on my workbench, there is the occassional simple project, like the paintwork for this artist resin mini.

Recently Finished Work

This is my first appaloosa custom.  I find the Breyer Dunagree mold a very attractive performance horse, but it takes a lot to make it an equally attractive halter horse and more realistic model.  Aside from carved legs, new hooves and new tail, this girl's entire haunch and upper theighs were rescultped.  Her basecoat was airbrushed and her complex leopard pattern hand-painted with a very fine brush and many, many washes of white acrylic.

This Breyer G3 Walker got a new mane, new tail, reworked neck, upturned head and, like all my customs, his legs were refined with the the dremel and hand-scultped ears were aded. He was finished in pastel and earth pigment, airbrushed acrylic, white charcoal pencil and hand painted details.


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